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Accept all payments
into One Business Wallet

Track sales, manage inventory and grow loyalty


Delivering great customer service doesn't have to be complex

All the tools in one place

Messaging, payments, digital commissions, loyalty, reports & more. Hubtel makes it all easy.

Useful & handy for every business

From table-top shops to multinationals, Hubtel's platform apps serves every kind of business.

Access from anywhere, anytime

Hubtel's responsive interfaces enables managers stay in control from mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Getting better & better

We're building new tools and features to keep your business modern and ahead of the rest.

More reasons to love Hubtel

Manage employee access

Stay in control by managing employee and user access to apps and resources on your Hubtel account

Simple pricing for all services

Hubtel guarantees simple, hassle-free pricing. No hidden fees, no additional charges, no wahala.

Collect & organise customer contacts

Seamlessly save customer contact details and connect with each of them through Hubtel's messaging services.

Premium payment hardware

First-class hardware that works seamlessly to accept card payments from Visa, MasterCard and GH-Link.

Bulk engagement software

Expand the capabilities of your business to manage interactions with thousands and even millions of customers at the same time.

Simply secure

Protect your business and customers with PCI & Data-Protection compliant software at no additional cost.

Build with Hubtel API

Create your own apps customised for your business directly on Hubtel's Platform. Build solutions for messaging, customer service, payments, e-commerce, and more. Learn more about our Developer APIs

Engaged team

Put Hubtel's young and energetic team to help your business run efficiently and grow.

Customer Support

Stay in control by managing employee and user access to apps and resources on your Hubtel account. Contact us by phone, email, live chat - or get instant answers in our Help Center.

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