More reasons to love Hubtel - Hubtel

More reasons to love Hubtel


Dedicated Support

Our business is to help you build and grow yours. If you need help, Hubtel support is here to assist.
You are our priority and have a dedicated support to fulfill your needs. Our friendly support team is available to handle your requests either in person or via phone calls as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can raise a ticket on your account or send an email to for immediate assistance
Search for answers, see popular FAQs, contact support, or connect with other users.


Multi-User Login And Teams

Hubtel allows you to bring your team on board to work with you. This means you can create multiple user profiles and each user on the team will log in with his or her own username. Additionally, you can assign users to teams and also view activity logs of all users on your account.
This feature enables you share data and collaborate on tasks. It also increases security on your account and can reduce risk of malicious usage by granting roles and permission based access to your team without sharing the password to your main account.


Manage Multiple Businesses & Staff

Large or small, Hubtel gives you complete oversight of your account and its activities. As an administrator, you can assign roles to team members and decide who takes what action on your Hubtel account. Sometimes, you may have more than one branch or business and you can manage all of them using one account. Hubtel enables secure single sign-on to internal and cloud applications, saving staff time and enabling them to focus on productivity instead of the complexity of technology.


Secure Your Account

Built-in data protection and rights management are vital for controlling how information gets used. With Hubtel, it's easy to access, save and share data without the complexity and dangers of shared credentials.


Get Access Anytime, Anywhere

Get Access Anytime, Anywhere- From messaging logs to customer databases and transaction records, Hubtel provides a complete cloud solution for businesses of any size or type. We understand that businesses like yours need flexibility to work the way you need to; smarter and faster and so accessing your Hubtel account is very easy, either via web, a mobile app or USSD code.