Zoflora Disinfectant

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Key Features

  • Zoflora 3 in 1 action concentrated disinfectant kills germs, eliminates odours and leaves a long-lasting fragrance.
  • It can be diluted for general disinfection of surfaces, used as a spray, on hard surface PET areas and used neat in ceramic and metal sinks, drains and toilet bowls.
  • Zoflora is a multi-room, multi-use product that can be used throughout the home to combat the spread and reproduction of bacteria and viruses in the home. When used as part of your daily routine, you can relax knowing your family are protected.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria



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Product Details

Zoflora concentrated antibacterial disinfectant has a unique Triple Action formula which kills bacteria and viruses with an effective odour neutraliser and a selection of bespoke, high quality perfumes. Zoflora products can be used as often as required throughout the home to keep it hygienically clean and fresh.

Zoflora is an easy to use concentrated disinfectant that needs diluting in water. Add the disinfectant to water in a trigger spray or bucket. It can also be used neat for effective odour elimination and bug busting down drains, plug holes and toilet bowls.

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