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Voice of Conscience – Comparing Anas and Manasseh – Why Gyeeda Report Cannot Change – The on Untouched Kojo Mpiani and the malevolent Witch Doctors – Telling Gaddafi and Africa’s Story

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Key Features

  • Voice of conscience is about a gate-keeper who yelled truth to power, and who has maintained his modesty.
  • Useful information on government policies, programmes and national issues.
  • Interesting revelations about corruption in African politics.
  • Education on African politics and its effects on its citizens.
  • Entertain yourself with this book.



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Product Details

Voice of Conscience is a selection of powerful articles published by Manasseh Azure Awuni between 2009 and 2014. The articles cover politics, anti-corruption, intriguing obituaries, as well as a mixed basket of important national issues.

Insightful message

Manasseh’s compelling writing skills make the articles in this book irresistible irrespective of the topic. His mastery of African proverbs is phenomenal and he weaves them into a fine fabric of witty and insightful conveyor belt to carry home his message.

Factual Ghanaian history

Even though it is mainly a collection of opinion pieces, Voice of Conscience is a catalogue of fearless, factual and analytical record of Ghanaian history and important events within the period. With a good dose of humour, Voice of Conscience is very entertaining, informative and above all, it is a book that pricks the conscience and gives voice to the inner being.

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