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Midea 90 CM Electric Cooking Hood - Stainless Steel - Push Button Control - In Built Motor & Fan - 3 Speed Extracts Coal Assets - Scrubber Exhaust – Silver - E90MEW2A09

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Key Features

  • Cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs and even mold in your kitchen.
  • Removes potential toxic pollutants and gasses from the air in your kitchen.
  • Removes excess heat from your kitchen.
  • Creates a clean, comfortable environment in your kitchen.
  • The cooking vapours and fumes return purified into the kitchen.



out of stock
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Product Details

General Characteristics

The maximum noise level of this electric cooking hood is 65 dB Number of motors, 1 Mechanical push buttons, Aluminum filter 2 pcs. Carbon filter CFM10, optional - sold separately. It is not always possible to connect the fume extractor hood to the ventilation system. In this case, the 60M19 Cooker Hood - 60cm Silver can operate as a filtering system. 

The metal grease filter absorbs the fatty constituents and other tiny particles from the cooking vapours first, then the odorous substances and micro particles are directed through the activated charcoal filter. The cooking vapours and fumes return purified into the kitchen.


Power 250 W Height max 84 cm, working modes of tapping/recycling, exhaust corrugation inset included.


Surface material: stainless steel Color fittings: bronze


  • Stainless steel
  • Push Button control
  • In Built motor
  • 3 Speed extracts

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