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This strong USB Cable will connect your Phone to your computers USB port for fast syncing and charging. The 2 meter long cable means that you can now charge your Phone from inconveniently places outlets without having to struggle with short cable leads anymore! The strong USB Cable transfers your data fast through the hugely popular USB 2.0 standard. Your music, videos, images, documents and any other files will be transferred to and from your Phone at MICRO speed! The elegant strong USB Cable has been constructed with the latest technology and using the finest materials. The end result is a premium quality USB cable that is built to last. This strong Metallic Flexy USB Cable is compatible with the latest iOS and you can choose your favorite from designs with white color! Compatible with all models with a type c connector.2 Meter Cable length. High Quality shock proof cable and connector Manufactured from authorized reliable factory. Designs copy righted by heatz. Other Registered Trade Marks are the property of their respective brands and owners. HEATZ is an unregistered Trade Mark, processed with registration documented 2016©. HEATZ Owned all rights to its brand name and fonts and the design used in the brand.

Model : ZCS02

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