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Judi Foods Sweet Potato Chips (Small)

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Key Features

• 100 Percent all natural sweet potato chips

• Make a healthy and delicious snack

• Contain no preservatives, cholesterol and trans fat

• Prepared under good hygienic condition

• Good source of vitamins for the young and old.

• Tasty crispy and Nutritious

• Can be used as snack for weddings, parties and all other social gatherings



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Product Details

Sweet potatoes are a great non-starchy carb, so count towards our 5-a-day tally, plus they contain more vitamin C than regular potatoes, which our bodies need and utilise every day. They’re a real favourite for the kids

These snacks are packaged for your ultimate convenience. They are ideal for filling the office breakroom or your home kitchen.

Travel Snacks

This pack of portable snacks is perfect for school or lunch boxes, to bring with you on the go, or to keep handy for whenever the cravings strike.

Great Crunch

No matter what variety Judi sweet potatoe chips are your favorite snack, you can be sure you’re getting a great, satisfying crunch. We have expertly refined our cooking process to give you the best snacks foods possible.

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