Product Details

Contains 95% OPC that effectively reduces anti aging and anti oxidation with the help of the grape seed extract, cypress tree, pink bark and gingko Leaves. Made from grape seed extract with no side effects. Also acts as an anti-oxidant.

Feminergy capsules are recommended for young, middle age and old women. Also suitable for men. It is a good remedy for fatigue,common cold, allergies, dizziness and irritability.

Delays aging and maintains youthful look, by delaying organ aging like lungs,liver and kidney.

  • Reclaims wrinkles, skin laxity and melasma.
  • Good for people who have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy
  • Has great anti–tumor effect (cancer related)
  • Prevents cataracts and has anti–inflammatory effects
  • Prevents dental cavities and gingivitis and improves memory alertness
  • Prevents cataracts and has great anti inflammatory effects
  • Suitable for people who have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy; long term use of computers, cell phones and TV’s.