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Nasco 750 Watts Food Steamer - FS1152-A

Fast and Large Steamer

With a powerful 750W steam design, fast heat up and cooks evenly. Up to 9.5 quart capacity for veggies, fish, egg or rice, you can cook as many food as you want.

3-Tior Stackable Basket

Since food cooks faster in the bottom bowl, always place food with longer steaming times on first, closer to the base. Another option for cooking different types of food is to place one bowl (filled with food with longer steaming times) onto the base and steam first; then later add the second bowl filled with food that has shorter steaming times.

Timer and Auto Shut Off

It is set by timer, goes up to 60 minutes to cook. When the timer returns to 0 or have no water in base reservoir, a bell will sound, and the steamer will switch off.

Nasco 200 Watts Food Chopper - MC353

All In One

Grinds, Chops, Shredder, Blends

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Blades

Dish Washer Safe Bowl

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Nasco 800 Watts Crepe Maker - EP2111B

On and Of Switch

Crepe Maker - On/Off switch has a ready light to indicate when the surface is hot enough to begin cooking.

Electric Crepe Pan

Dipping plate and a batter spreader are included to help you create the thinnest crepes.

Cordless Crepe Maker

Electric base has a cored wrap for neat and easy storage.

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