Customer Engagement 101: Using SMS To Engage Your Customers

September 12, 2018

Everyone Has SMS

One of the many benefits of using Hubtel POS for you business is being able to communicate with your customers anytime you want. This is possible because your Hubtel POS allows you to keep numbers of any customer who has ever engaged with your business.

“In a 2004 University of Plymouth study on the psychology of SMS users, researchers found that mobile phone users were primarily either “texters” or “talkers” [ref]. Compared to the talkers, the texters sent nearly double the number of SMS messages and made less than half as many voice calls per month. The texters preferred SMS to voice calls for its convenience as well as for the ability to review a message before sending it” – How Stuff Works

SMS Is Instant

When it comes to getting attention from people who are busily scrolling away on their phones, SMS gets the work done best. Why? Even without an internet connection, your message gets delivered to the recipient. “Yam phones” are no exception here as they also can receive SMS messages. Instant messaging is a popular trend, with WhatsApp leading the bandwagon, according to Statista. In a later post, we’ll look at how you can use WhatsApp in addition to SMS for effective customer engagement.

SMS Keeps It “Short”

Nobody likes to read a whole paragraph about your new product offering or discount sales. That’s what websites are for. In just 140 characters or less, you can get your message across to a wide audience at a relatively moderate price. Plus, you’re assured your message will reach the intended recipient – unless their phones are off, that is.


Keeping In Touch

Customer engagement plays a vital role in keeping your business running. Without customers, your business won’t be in business. In our next set of posts on customer engagement, we’ll look at other ways to help your business stay in touch with your customers on the regular.