Hubtel Ads targets your hard-earned cedis only at customers who will love your business.


How It Works

Create a catchy and compelling SMS message.
Include a call-to-action, a discount, a promo voucher or an attractive hook.

Select the right target for your message. Choose the
best gender, demographic and/or interest to estimate how many people to reach.

Set a budget and schedule your campaign. Select how many
people you want to reach within your campaign period and start sending.

Track the results. Gain insights from instant
feedback and reports to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Find potential new customers

Your ads target customers in a direct way via their mobile phone.

Get a higher brand recall and readership rate

SMS open and reach rates are 8x higher than internet, radio or print ads.

SMS ads are personal & discreet

HubtelAds holds over 12 million unique mobile subscribers categorized by gender, age, location, interest and income.

Hubtel Ads are spam-free

We have built both the core messaging & contact databases in accordance with regulatory requirements around electronic communications.

Simple and clutter-free interface

HubtelAds has a clean interface that enables easy selection of target and placement of adverts

Know who responds and re-engage with them

Hubtel Ads supports you to get personal with respondents who are interested in your ads.




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