The New Way To Log In On Hubtel

October 31, 2018

Hubtel Now Uses OTP For Logins

What is OTP?

An OTP (One Time Password) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates a user. The password is only valid for a single login session or transaction. That means each time you login in to your account, a new password is generated, which you can use to authenticate your login. This password is usually sent to you via SMS. If the number you use is also registered on the Hubtel app, the code will be sent as a push notification as well.


Benefits of OTP

There are several important benefits of using an OTP, including:

  • An OTP isn’t a static password, so it’s not vulnerable to replay attacks. As such, if a hacker steals an OTP that has been previously used to log into a service, it won’t work again. Security matters and this method keeps the bad guys out.
  • A second major advantage is that a user who uses the same password for multiple systems, is not made vulnerable on all of them, if the password for one of these is gained by an attacker.

The way you log in to your Hubtel account has changed: It’s now more secure and easier. Simply enter you phone number, wait for a PIN (OTP), and you’re good to go.


Hubtel OTP Login

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