Standard, Scheduled or Instant Transfer

Your Money. Your Rules.

Transfer funds from your Hubtel account on your own terms. Starting Monday 18th November 2019, you will have the flexibility to pick and choose how you would like to transfer funds, based on your business needs with any of these settlement options:

Scheduled Settlement:

Set and save daily, weekly or monthly funds transfer to your mobile money or bank account for each branch of your business.

Instant Settlement:

Access day-to-day funds for your business without any hassle. Instantly transfer funds to your mobile money wallet directly using the Hubtel App.

Hubtel to Hubtel Account Settlements:

Settle payments to other businesses on Hubtel with ease. Transfer funds directly from your settlement account to other businesses on Hubtel.

Set Settlement Account Details on Multiple Branches

Track sales per branch. Set unique settlement details for each branch of your business. This could be the same bank account or mobile money wallet details.

Feature Release: Sweep Transfers

November 13, 2019

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