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How to manage your customer list

Every new person that uses your services is a potential loyal customer. Unless you are the only person who meets their need, the best way to retain them is to be exceptional in your customer service delivery. To do this you must have a customer list.

Creating a customer list is the first step to engaging with the people who matter to you: your customers.  To do this,  you have to collate a database of customers, which can be a daunting task. Here are some easy ways to go about it.

  1. Have a small card which requires that customers state their names, phone number and email.  Provide a checkbox to allow them choose their preferred medium of communication; SMS, Email or phone calls.
  2. Assign a member of staff to update your records of customers any time they patronize your services.
  3. You may sign up for a customer relationship management tool/solution to easily update your customer records.
  4. Know your customers better. If you run a restaurant, note the times regular customers come in, their preferred  sitting place or food they order and create a profile for them. That leads us to the next step.


Segment your customers
Make each customer feel special by creating personalized experiences for them. Ever received a message from your bank or mobile network provider on your birthday? That is one example of businesses making customers feel special by a simple act of remembering their birthdays. You can do same with your customers anytime you take down their contact details.

You can run a promo every month by asking people who celebrate their birthdays in that particular month to share their dates with you and reward one lucky winner at the end of their month. In addition to increasing your customer base, you will know more about your customers than just their names and contact details.

It is also important that you study your customers. As challenging as this may seem, it is quite simple. If you run a restaurant, notice how often they come in, the times they come in, what they usually order, is there a particular area they prefer to sit at, when they make a booking, secure those seats for them. Invite them if there is something new on the menu and give them a discount for coming to try it out. Profiling your customers makes it easy to segment and  engage them on a more personal level.