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Leveraging your brand with Email

There are over 4.35 billion email accounts; a figure expected to reach 5.59 billion by 2019. This confirms that a lot more people continue to use email to communicate. Email still remains a great way to share news, announce new products/features, promotions or send out updates to all of your business contacts and customers.  

Why Email Messaging?

Sending Emails is Easy

Sending an email to someone is very easy, you or your marketing team need little training to learn how to do this especially because many email service providers come with specially designed templates. You simply select whichever one appeals to your campaign, include your message and engage your audience.

It is Personal

To have access to any of your customer’s email address, they must have communicated to you at a point via email or consented to receive emails from you. With email messaging, you can create more personal and intimate connection with prospects and customers.

Professional templates

Emails do not have to be boring. Professionally designed templates make email messaging more appealing to customers than a regular SMS. This means that your team has the time to create effective and successful campaigns with ease.

Email doesn’t cost much

The cost of sending emails as compared to other advertising channels are cheaper. Think about the cost involved in using any other channel as compared to sending emails to your customers. Email messaging is definitely a cheaper option.


Anytime you send an email, you know who exactly is receiving it. It is very likely, the recipient will read and take action immediately, What about TV, Radio or social media? Your targeted audience may miss the message because they were unavailable when it erred or their social media has a lot of feeds and certainly missed yours. Using email means that your message reaches the intended audience wherever they may be.

Advantage over SMS

SMS has its limitations. You can only say as much, whereas emailing allows you to say as much as you can at a go. This works for explaining products or service details to your customers.

Email is interactive

It is easy for your customers to react or respond to your emails. Include a link to your website and see an increase in traffic and boost sales.

How to Use Email

Send newsletters

One of the best ways to build a relationship with your customers is via newsletters. It is important to note that your newsletter should be rich in exclusive content and available only to your subscribers. You do not have to put the same information on your website. It takes away the feel-good factor.

Share information

Forge relationships with your customers by telling them about yourself. Tell them what you are doing, what plans you have in the near future. Whatever information you share determines how people perceive your brand.

Use catchy headlines

A compelling headline is as important as the main message. If you fail to catch your customer’s attention with the headline, chances are, they may not want to read your email. Think carefully about it before you send your emails.

Clear Call To Action

This could be links to view your website or follow you on social media. If you are running a promo, state the action required of your customers. Without a call-to-action, it may be difficult to track how effective your campaign or promo is running.

Be consistent

Consistency helps your customers easily identify with your brand. They know when to expect news or updates from you. Plan your campaigns and use a schedule that works best for you.