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Peripherals as good and flexible as our platform

The Hubtel POS Card Reader (M010) works with a number of peripherals that extends the functionality of our payment solution for both traditional and mobile retail environments. Collectively, our card reader and peripheral ensure that merchants of all sizes are always ready and able to take payments at any location, queue bust, and serve in-store or anywhere in the field. Like all Hubtel hardware, our peripherals are designed to be beautifully simple, for easy integration and adoption

Printer Sled

The Printer Sled quickly prints receipts for all of your transactions at the point of sale, reducing the need for expensive standalone retail printers. Its stylish design extends the M010’s mobile functionality, allowing the device to neatly slide in with a connection via USB for charging and communication

M010 Retail Cradle

The M010 Retail Cradle makes taking seamless payments at a fixed POS and in-store easy. In a traditional payment environment, the integrated pole mount attaches to a desktop, securely holds and charges the EMV-ready M010, and provides USB communications. Quickly undock the M010 and the device is ready to take mobile payments.

M010 Fast Charge Cradle

Taking payments never stops and the M010 Fast Charge Cradle ensures the merchant is always ready for business. It’s perfect for merchants who use a small number of M010 devices which can be charged in rotation. A full charge for an M010 takes less than an hour using power from the USB wall adapter.

Fast Charge Rack

The Fast Charge Rack fully charges an M010 in under an hour – ideal for merchants with multiple devices or who work in a multi-point location. The tiered rack has an external power supply unit and accommodates up to five M010 devices at one time. Being either desktop located or wall mounted, the rack is ready for action in the busiest environments.

M010 Desktop Cradle

For daily use when merchants don’t need fast charging, the M010 Desktop Cradle has a compact footprint and continually charges the M010 via USB while merchants process payments. When used extensively for mobile payments, the M010 fully recharges in the cradle in 3–4 hours.

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