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Become more efficient. Start collecting customer payments online.

Allow your customers to pay with mobile money and bank cards from anywhere at any time.


Better ways to get paid

Send bills & invoices via email / online

Why send payment reminders if your customers can’t pay it off instantly? Include a Pay Now button and see the difference.

Avoid the additional headaches

Go beyond the operational pressures of having several cashier points, along with all the stress that comes with managing cash payments.

Collect and track payments in real-time.

Receive live notifications when customers pay for your invoices or make payments on your website.

How It Works

Sign up and set-up.
Complete your business details and objectives for review.

Start integrating with our APIs.
Connect your online store with our APIs and enable with your live keys.

Start selling and collecting payments.
Receive payments for all purchases and allow customers
to choose to pay with mobile money or bank card.

Manage your money per your mandate
Transfer funds to your pre-approved bank accounts and/or mobile money accounts.

Harness the power of a single platform

Faster settlements.

Sweep your funds when you need it to your bank or mobile money account with a few clicks.

Fraud prevention.

We use industry-level algorithms and live monitoring to investigate suspicious activity and stop fraudulent activity before it occurs. Administrative support on chargebacks.

Administrative support on chargebacks.

Hubtel's chargeback support is free, and covers all eligible payment disputes.

Responsive checkout.

Hubtel's Checkout interface responds to your customer's device, and supports payments from a smartphone, phablet, tablet, laptop or a desktop screen.


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