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Your Favourite Household Objects Designer Now Accepts Mobile Money And Card Payments

February 26, 2018

When you shop at Studio Badge for all your natural household objects, you can conveniently pay using Mobile Money or any Bank Card. Studio badge has made paying for your items, bought in their shop a simple process using Hubtel POS.

KFC Achimota Allows Customers To Pay Via Mobile Money And Bank Cards

February 26, 2018

Have you ever paid for chicken with your Mobile Money or bank account? Guess what? KFC will let you do just that. KFC Achimota Mall branch uses Hubtel POS to accept payments from their customers.


KFC Dansoman Accepts All Forms Of Payments

February 26, 2018

Been to the Dansoman KFC recently? They now accept any form of payment when you order your favorite chicken – whether you pay with mobile money wallet or bank card. No need carrying cash for your next order.

KFC Marina Mall Receives Mobile Money And Bank Cards As Payment Options

February 26, 2018

KFC Marina Mall, has joined the trail of businesses that use Hubtel POS to power their payments. Anyone can now order for any KFC pack and pay using Mobile Money or  a Ghanaian issued Bank Card. This is good news for both KFC and their clients. Hubtel POS is a more convenient way to receive payments in your shop or store.

KFC Osu Now Accepts Mobile Money And ATM Cards

February 26, 2018

Imagine paying for your next KFC order using any mobile wallet or bank card. That is just how KFC receives payment now using Hubtel POS. Your customers need a better way of making payments to you in your store. Use Hubtel POS and experience a new kind of payment.

Jinlet Pharmacy Goes Cash-Light With Hubtel POS

February 26, 2018

Jinlet pharmacy has become part of the growing number of businesses using Hubtel POS. We had the great privilege of setting them up. Signing up on Hubtel POS has helped create more convenience for their customers to pay either with a mobile money wallet or any Ghanaian issued bank card. Rethink how you accept payments from your customers with Hubtel.