More Profitable Than Gold

October 11, 2019

The efficacy and profitability of Farming have become More Profitable Than Gold. Yes, you read that right, “Farming”.

Africa is changing and you need to be a part of this big dream that’s finally coming true!

Like Author, Samuel Amartey-Armah rightly puts it:

What if I could teach you how to watch plants grow or livestock live with you while making money?”

A simple and but very profound question. The good news is, it’s a question that has been answered in his pioneer book “More Profitable Than Gold

Food never goes out of fashion! This makes Agribusiness one of the best opportunities worldwide. Africa has a ready market and a high demand for agricultural produce. We currently spend billions of dollars every year to import grains, flour and all kinds of finished and semi-finished foods that can be produced locally.

As Africa’s economies continue to grow, the demand for raw materials will surely increase and create more interesting opportunities for agribusiness on the continent. This presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who can provide cheaper and locally-grown alternatives to the food that Africa imports.

More Profitable Than Gold seeks to help any serious-minded Agribusiness Entrepreneur start and run a successful Agribusiness with special focus on farming and be able to reap a relatively higher profitability than the average Gold business” – Samuel Amartey Armah

Agribusiness is very scalable. You can start with whatever you’ve got! Whether you own one plot of land or 10,000 hectares, agribusiness is one of few business opportunities that allows you to start on any scale, with whatever you have!

The opportunity to start small means that people with little capital can become part of Africa’s multi-billion dollar agribusiness industry. Because of the guaranteed demand for agricultural produce, that small vegetable or poultry farm in your backyard could just become a huge business tomorrow.

So, if you’re looking to start a business or invest in an industry that makes a significant social impact, provides jobs and creates sustainable wealth, More Profitable Than Gold is surely the way to go!

The potential of agribusiness in Africa is not just promising but immensely profitable. If would like to explore it much further, we have just the right resource for you!

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