March 2020 Product Update

Deliveries, Customer Pickups & More

See what’s new in this update:

Deliver with Hubtel CareForce

Take your customers’ delivery orders on Hubtel POS! Your customers can call and place their orders to be delivered within Hubtel’s operating cities.

Add your own delivery riders at no extra cost

Got your own riders? Setup all your riders to accept deliveries and deliver orders to your customers from your Hubtel account.

Your customers can place orders and pickup later

Give your customers more flexibility. Create sales on Hubtel POS with the customer’s mobile number and track anytime the customer goes to the branch for pickup.

Add your customer’s details to a sale

Customers are the heart of your sales. You can now add customer details to a sale at any point in the sale process.

API keys for messaging API integration

Create HTTP API Keys from your account for messaging integration.

Notify Has A New Home

Your messaging account is now on

Complete activation process to start sending your messages on

You’ll no longer need username and password

Login with the mobile number associated with your Unity account and select Messaging to see all features.

Click on Activate if required

All your existing data such as Sender IDs, Contacts, Templates, SMS Credits/Bundles and Reports will be available once your activation is completed.

Bundles give you more

Buy bundles directly from their Hubtel wallet, prepcontaineraid wallet, bank card or mobile money. There is no need to top up your SMS credit first.

SMS Bundles at discounted rates.

New pricing and expiry options now available for SMS bundles. Get bigger bundles at half-year expiry.

Delete Schedule Campaigns

There is now the option of deleting Scheduled Campaigns you no longer need from your account.

March 2020 Product Update

April 3, 2020

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