Wash n Bright Manual Dishwasher for Home, Outdoors and Parties

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Key Features

  • Fast and easy way to clean dishes, cup, glasses, and utensils
  • Save time, money and water
  • Suctions pads to hold it in place
  • Use just the right amount of soap
  • Convenient built-in drain valve
  • Opens with a push for easy clean
  • Fine bristles thoroughly clean dishes
  • No electricity required


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Product Details

Buy this Wash n Bright Manual Dishwasherfrom Hubtel and have it delivered right your doorstep in a few hours.

Wash-n-Bright Manual Dishwasher is a must-have for all homes, and even perfect for caterers that run events where washable plates are required.

Fast and Easy Way to Clean Dishes.

Wash-n-Bright works with all sizes of plates and bowls, even square baking trays. Large knives and utensils can be cleaned along with delicate wine glasses and cups. Perfect for cleaning baby bottles and accessories. Over 10,000 super cleaning bristles for that super shine. Powerful suction pads keep the Wash n Bright firmly in place.

Fine Bristles thoroughly Clean Dishes.

Unique design cleans the insides and outsides simultaneously. Uses just the right amount of soap. Clean dishes with one hand, simply Dip, Spin & Rinse. Grab yours now

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