Tramigo T24 Vehicle Tracker(Black)

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Key Features

  • Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.
  • Remote listen or handsfree audio with your control center at the push of a button.(optional)
  • Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
  • Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.
  • SOS button to send out vehicle location when in need of assistance.
  • Ignition detection and disabling (optional)
  • Speed reporting to eliminate bad driving habits.


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Product Details

Why Choose Tramigo?

What Makes Tramigo the World's Best Selling Tracker?

Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most seem similar on the outside. Almost everyone can locate your device using GPS location and lets you set alarms for speeds, geofencing or motion detection. The reality however is that if you can’t receive messages from your device – or understand the locations your device is sending you, your tracking device is useless in that moment. When choosing a tracker to secure your assets or company fleet, make sure of the following:

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere – Even When Offline

If the tracker says you need to login or set up an account on a website, it’s very likely that you’ll only be able to track by connecting to the site. Unless your plan is to stare at a monitor day in and out, this isn’t a good way to track. Tramigo gives you full mobile software to get all updates – or only selected critical messages – direct to your mobile phone, even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Easy to Use in Your Language

Most low grade trackers come with no or poor user interface software and machine translated instructions that at worst ask you to memorize long alphanumeric commands just to get a simple location update from your device. Tramigo can be used on any mobile phone with easy SMS commands in plain English – or other language of your choice – and comes with full smartphone, tablet and PC software to control all functions of your device with just a few taps and clicks.

Understanding vehicle locations with TLD landmarks displayed on top is quicker without the need to zoom in and out of maps.

Free Fleet Management and Mobile Softwares

There is a big difference between receiving messages to a mobile device or PC and being able to easily manage vehicles from it. With our Tramigo M1 Move mobile software or the M1 Fleet Enterprise Server, you’ll be able to track, manage settings, view history and compile and export statistics from all your vehicles easily instead of just receiving one off location updates.

Easy to Understand Location Data That Beats Mapping Alone

Exclusive to Tramigo, TLD landmarks translate cryptic GPS coordinates into locations you can easily understand and communicate to others. Compared to a simple dot on a map TLD Landmarks allow instant understanding of locations without zooming in and out. Because TLD landmarks for your entire region are preloaded and sent by your Tramigo device over the GSM network, you won’t lose track of your fleet just because you lose connection. Find out more about the benefits of TLD.

Easy To Implement

T24 Fleet is robust to install to any car, truck or other vehicle and can be fully hidden. Insert the SIM card and connect T24 Fleet to vehicle power and you are ready to control your vehicle.

Monitor and Control Your Vehicles Without Monthly Fees

T24 Fleet communicates its location to your control center or mobile device via GPRS or SMS. Drivers can additionally use T24’s 2-way voice function to call your control center - or send out their location in case of emergency with the SOS button.

There are no monthly or annual fees, the user pays only the normal operator fees of the data or SMS usage.

Keep Tabs on Driving Habits and Reduce Fuel Use

Detect idling engines, speeding and other inefficient driving habits and profile drivers with complete vehicle use statistics.

Prevent Unauthorized Trips and Theft

Set allowed zones for your vehicles, get instant notifications if your vehicles start or complete trips and connect T24 Fleet to external inputs to detect ignition, tampering, door opening, fuel theft and more.

Utilize Wide Range of Professional Accessories

Possibility to monitor fuel level with 3rd party analog fuel sensor. Add multiple 1-Wire accessories such as driver identification and temperature sensors.

Monitor Vehicle Use and Status

Keep your control center up to date on vehicle maintenance schedules with T24’s odometer and monitor engine or compartment temperatures with the temperature sensor. All reports can be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance travelled, average speeds and more!

Tramigo M1 Move for Smartphones:

T24 Track can be set to send critical messages from your vehicles via SMS direct to your mobile phone. This FREE application is perfect for vehicle security!

*Price of installation may vary depending on make, model and type of vehicle.

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