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Standard Curl Bar - Training Weight, Build Up a Good Physique and Improve One's Health - with Chrome Spin - Lock Collars Free Weights Accessories for Home – Solid Steel Material

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Key Features

• The diamond-shaped knurling grip is stronger and can be non-slip, allowing for more weight and better

• Threaded ends will increase stability and reduce the risk of heavy objects falling or falling

• The Bar material is solid steel, chrome-plated, not easily deformed, suitable for weightlifting and body building

• Using the Olympic curl bar, you can exercise your biceps and triceps better and become better and strong

• The easy curl bar’s unique structure facilitates precise contact of your hand onto the shaft for a superior hold. It also allows multiple grip positions for comfortable lifting



out of stock
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Product Details

Standard Curl Bar is made from sturdy, reliable, and durable steel and manufactured with precision to ensure high tensile strength. A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, this curl bar is constructed to isolates and intensify development of your arm muscles when you perform exercises to boost your biceps, triceps, and forearms.

Bio-mechanically angled dual grips allow you to avoid injury and achieve maximum gains. Each set of grips strategically target the inner and outer bicep heads. The quickest way to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition.

A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, this bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles. The Standard Curl Bar is built to hold 2-inch Olympic weight plates without breaking or collapsing, this curl bar secures the weight plates effectively giving you a hassle-free workout experience.

Length = 120cm

Weight = 5Kg

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