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Spirit Controlled Temperament (Tim Lahaye): A Superb Treatment of The Basic Human Temperaments and How God Can Use Them - The Best-Selling Classic on Who You Are and Who You Can Become

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Key Features

  • Everyone is a curious mixture of weaknesses and strengths, and there's a reason.
  • Everyone has inherited a distinct temperament -- predominantly sanguine, choleric, melancholy, or phlegmatic, with a combination of traits from two or more groups.
  • Given a person's natural temperament, the Holy Spirit can manifest supernatural characteristics in his life.



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In "Spirit-Controlled Temperament, " Tim LaHaye provides answers patterned after ancient models of human behavior and grounded in the Word of God, making this a classic read for all Christians.

Temperament. You're born with distinct strengths, but also weaknesses that can hold you back. God wants to transform your natural weaknesses to make you a dynamic, effective Christian who lives above anger, fear, depression, and selfishness.

In "Spirit-Controlled Temperament, " find out who you are-predominantly Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, or Phlegmatic. But more important, find out who you can become.

God's Spirit can release an individual from a life of anger, fear, depression, indecisiveness, instability, and restlessness, and can give a new freedom of peace, purpose, self-control, and dignity

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