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Samsung 45 LTR Grill Microwave - Rapid Defrost – Digital Display – Clock – Handle – Bush Button – Interior Light - Ceramic Enamel Cavity - Silver - Grill – MC455TH

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Key Features

  • Open the oven door to more cooking possibilities
  • Sensors help cook your recipes to perfection
  • Keep your food warm, without over-cooking it
  • Keep your food fresh and tasty always
  • Its smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain
  • Anti-bacterial protection, hygienic and durable interior
  • Healthy and nutritious food preparation



out of stock
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Product Details

Square Ceramic Tray

Samsung Square ceramic tray offers optimal convenience, especially for Convection mode.

Six Cooking Modes

Six different modes — Microwave, Grill, Convection, Microwave + Grill, Microwave + Convection, and Grill + Convection — help you get dinner on the table faster without sacrificing flavor or texture. For example, use the Microwave + Convection mode to cook a chicken in less time than a conventional oven, while crisping the skin. The diverse and convenient cooking modes help reduce energy usage too

Smart Sensor Technology

Samsung’s Smart Sensor technology automatically detects the humidity level of your food, and then sets the optimal cooking time and power. So whether you’re roasting a chicken, heating a frozen dinner, or cooking fresh vegetables, dishes come out perfectly, every time.

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