Samsung 12kg Twin Top Semi-Automatic Washing Machine - WT12J4200

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Key Features

  • Clean effectively
  • Easy to move around the home
  • Resistant to humidity



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Product Details

Rust Free

Has a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body, which is resistant to humidity. It's therefore extremely durable - it will stay looking good for years.

Effortless Movement

Has hidden wheels which make it very easy to move around the home without having to lift it. The casters are discretely located behind the legs of the stand, so they are practically invisible.

Powerful Cleaning

Generates powerful water currents that wash clothes more effectively. Its fast spinning creates strong and dynamic movement of the water, so it powerfully penetrates fabrics and removes stains with greater efficiency.


  • Twin Top
  • Semi Auto Washer
  • 12 kgs
  • Semi Automatic
  • Double Storm
  • Wash Turbo
  • Water Drain

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