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Riversong Data Cable Type C Alpha S - CT32-Fast Heavy Duty USB-C Charging Cable, Braided USBC Charger Type-C Cord for Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S 8 Note 9 8, A10e, A20, A30, Etc and all Type C Devices

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Key Features

• Compact in size, so that you can carry it with you wherever you go

• Ensures quick and safe charge

• Made with high quality and durable material for longevity

• Compatible with most Android and Windows phones, tablets and many other devices including Samsung galaxy s7 s6 s5 / HTC / Motorola / Nokia / LG / Sony / OnePlus / Blackberry / PS4 / Kindle / Xbox / PS Vita / Nintendo DS / GPS devices / battery packs / bluetooth speakers / wireless keyboards / cameras / camcorders / games consoles / hard drives / e-readers / printers

• Made with high quality material

• Flexible and durable



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Product Details

The Riversong Data Cable Type C Alpha S - CT32 comes with Type-C inputs, which makes charging more convenient. Suitable for use with Type-C smartphones.

Connects to your Android phones with Lightning Connector and charges or syncs by connecting the Riversong Data Cable Type C Alpha S - CT32 into your wall charger or computer; small connector head fits most cases. High-quality wires promote maximum signal quality and strength. This USB cords is many times more durable than anything else on the market.

Durable cloth for protection, strength, and flexibility. An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying


• Material: Nylon Braided + Aluminium Alloy

• Current: Type-c

• Length: 1M

• Tangle-free Nylon Braided

• Fast charge & Data sync

• Bending Resistance

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