Product Details

100% natural herbal immune booster.Refined Yunzhi Essence Capsules is a herbal immune booster and supplement made up of Turkey Tail Mushroom extracts. It helps to strengthen the immune system. Reduces chemotherapy side effects and enhances appetite.

  • Enhances appetite and reduces illness
  • Raises female libido and enhances orgasms
  • Increases the white blood cells and lymphocytes
  • Reduces pain during episodes of serious immune challenge

It also contains Polysaccharide K (PSK)and Polysaccharide P (PSP) which:

  • Helps deter abnormal cell growth
  • Intensive booster for liver and lung health
  • Reduces chemotherapy side effects
  • Good for hormonal balancing

Suggested usage:

  • 2 capsules per time, twice daily,
  • Double dose during chemotherapies, continously for 6 weeks