Nasco 1.5 HP Vertu Plus Mirror Finish Inverter Air Conditioner -Auto-Restart -Uniquely Stylish Works Smart - Slip Air Conditioner -,Mirror - Premium Design - MSVPBU-12HRFN1

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Key Features

  • Operating modes: The compact floor AC indoor cooler conditioning unit features a simple electric Plug in operation and has 3 modes - Cooling, dehumidifier and fan. Also features automatic swing mode W/ moving wind vent for maximum air circulation
  • Built-in dehumidifier: you don’t only get the cooling effect of the portable AC but it also helps reduce humidity levels, acts as purifier, which makes your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, & mildew by selecting dehumidifier mode
  • Remote control: features a digital touch button control panel which includes the power, mode, timer, temperature and fan speed settings. Other functions such as unit selector (°C/°F), Sleep key can be adjusted using the included remote control
  •  Design stylish mode indicator lights up blue when used for cooling and orange when used for heating



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Product Details

Uniquely Stylish

The pure finish and uniquely curved design of the NASCO 1.5HP Vertu Plus Mirror Finish Inverter A.C - MSVPBU-12HRFN1 , Air Conditioner deliver a premium look and performance. Like aerodynamic, high performance sports cars, every aspect of its streamlined body is encased in dual-injected, transparent material for an elegant finish that blends seamlessly into any modern household.

Works Smart Saves Energy

The Nasco NASCO 1.5HP Vertu Plus Mirror Finish Inverter A.C - MSVPBU-12HRFN1 Air Conditioner features an energy-efficient Digital Inverter. It can maintain the desired temperature without frequently shutting off and on, so it consumes less energy. The Digital Inverter helps you to stay comfortable for long periods of time, while using the minimum amount of energy

Cools Faster, Farther, and Wider

The Nasco air conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its uniquely design has a wider inlet, so more air can be drawn in. The improved width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades and a bigger fan also ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster, farther and wider. So refreshingly cool air reaches every corner of your room.

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