Yellow Nallem Dashiki Dress

A must-have for every woman who wants to strike of a refined lady with this textured dress print.

  • Great styles
  • Brilliant designs
  • Global brands
  • Unique outfits


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Product Details

Dashiki is not limited to a class of liking. From the young to the old, humble to the kings; commoner to the famous, Dashiki is not limited to a class of liking.

Dashiki has a reputation for amplifying the African woman sense of beauty. Many fashion fabrics have ruled and vanished into oblivion. However, for this excellent Dashiki fabric, it’s relevant and vibrant all year round.

It’s common to spot the ladies clad in their meticulous dashiki dresses to the church, weddings, funerals and fun fare social events. Apart from the fabric having cultural significance to the African people, it’s a face of fashion statement that is making headway