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Medicine Ball, Dual Handle Fitness Rubber Ball, Waist and Abdomen Arm Strength Training Gravity Ball, Non-slip and Drop Resistant - Gym - Home - Fitness - Boxing - Strength - Balance

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Key Features

  • Textured surface allows for a high quality grip even when wet, perfectly shapes muscles and improves coordination
  • High-quality air valve, completely prevents air leakage, maximizes safety, and extends service life
  • Incorporate the Fitness medicine ball into your usual squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges. With this weighted exercise ball, your routine will be more challenging and fun
  • Very suitable for maximizing exercise and increasing the diversity of fitness training; very suitable for flexibility, sports, warm-up and cooling exercises



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Product Details

The Tools You Need for the Physique You Want

Unlike weight machines that isolate and train individual muscles or muscle groups, medicine ball can be used to train the body to function as a unit.By integrating them into your workout, you can perform a wide range of exercises that target different muscle groups. 

They can even be used to replace standard weights or dumbbells, which may be difficult or awkward to hold during some exercises.

 Dual-Grip Medicine Balls are a great way to increase joint integrity, range of motion and flexibility when used for swings and rotational movements. They are ideal for developing your shoulders and forearms and for strengthening your grip.

They can also be incorporated into a variety of group applications like physical therapy, aerobics and yoga. Whether you prefer group exercise or working out on your own, Body Solid Tools Dual-Grip Medicine Balls are ideal companions for a lifetime of strength and fitness.

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