Lavet Feminine Hygiene Wash (Big Size)(20ML)

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Key Features
  • Volume: 20ml
  • Treats Vaginal pain
  • Treats Vaginal discharge
  • Treats White discharge
  • Treats Urinary tract infection
  • Tighten the Vigina



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Product Details

A few more common vaginal infections that cause odor are yeast infections as well known as bacterial vaginitis and trichinosis , toilet Infections, Urinary Tract Infection, and Candidasis, the Chlamydia and e-coli that can cause Pelvic Inflammatory disease. After first being diagnosed by a doctor, “LAVET” Feminine Hygiene Wash cures these infections. Vaginal odor ought to improve once the infection is gone.

Fact: After childbirth, most women become very loose; Lavet has a way of rebuilding the vaginal walls without a drying effect.

The sweet thing is, it doesn't just tighten to make the woman dry, it provides lubrication during intercourse to produce that sensation that makes a woman reach orgasm easily and enjoyably.

Fact: Vaginal discharge is natural, BUT if you have itching, burning and odor together with discharge, that?s abnormal! Lavet comes in handy.

Fact: The vagina muscle stretches. This can leave you feeling loose. If it isn't as tight as you like, or is slippery, especially after childbirth, vaginal exercises, e.g. Kegel Exercise can also do wonders.

Lavet is ADULT USE only, and not for pregnant women.

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