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Ladycare Solution is processed from selected herbal ingredients with advanced modern technology. It is an ideal solution for female genital hygiene. Its super gentle formula can quickly relieve discharges associated with genital diseases. The specially designed irrigator will help clean completely and effectively from inside to outside with the unique jet douche in a convenient way.

For the treatment of vaginal discharge (thick, white, yellow, foul-smelling or cottage (cheese-like), itching, pain, burning, irritated skin, bleeding or lower abdominal pain due to vaginitis (yeast infection, candidiasis, bacterial or non-specific vaginitis), sexual transmitted diseases (STDs), vulva ulcer, and pelvic inflammatory disease (inflammation of cervix, uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes).

Cleaning before sex tightens the vagina for a better sexual feeling.

Genital cleaning / cleaning regularly removes odor, balances vagina PH value and maintains a good healthcare; Cleaning before and after sex prevents STDs, and cleaning during menstruation period ensures a better hygienic protection.

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