La Fiole Du Pape 6X75CL

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Key Features

  • Elegant and well balanced, fleshy and powerful, with long lasting aromas
  • Fruity and spiced. Reminiscent of ripe berries, cherry “eau-de-vie”, warm spices and truffles.
  • Deep and bright ruby.



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Product Details

Romantic but untrue! La Fiole was born from a competition of local ceramists. Its theme: "The wild movement of the grenache vine twisted in the strong Provence Mistral wind". Charles Brotte took part in this competition and imagined an attractive shaped bottle to illustrate the theme. 

He won this competition and decided to take the opportunity to make a wine nobody else would have thought of. A wine the world and he would enjoy. Seventy years later the wine remains famous.

Its conception

Inspired by Champagne where producers make non-vintage wines in order to ensure consistency of style, Charles Brotte came up with the idea to apply this process to his Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

 A majority of Grenache gives fruit and sweet spicey notes; Syrah freshness and structure. Thirty to 40% of House Reserve Wines (some aged up to 5 years) bring maturity, smoothness and the same typicity every year.

Its longevity

Not satisfied with only being pretty, La Fiole is also the only red Cru in France to be made that way. La Fiole is a popular wine, easy to understand and easy to appreciate. It charmw wine lovers from all horizons may they be young, old, men or women, wine experts or wine novices. La Fiole du Pape is bottled at complete maturity in order for you to be able to enjoy it immediately or keep it.

La Fiole du Pape, original, elegant and evoking wines of former times is an ideal gift.

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