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Goat Pepper soup

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Key Features

• Healthy meal for the young and old

• Balanced diet that will Nourish the body with the nutrients the body needs

• Fresh vegetables are used in the preparation of this delicious food

• This juicy and tasty food is prepared under strict Hygienic condition

• Enjoy this food with your family and friends

• Food made with love is all you need



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Product Details

Healthy meal

We offer the perfect choice to friends and family. Each of our dishes is crafted from traditional roots, bringing you a true taste. Try your special day out with that special person with our delicious Goat pepper soup. This dish is mouthwatering and you can never get it wrong on a good afternoon.

Balanced diet

Goat pepper soup is made with goat meat and fresh vegetables, good in fibre and protein and also a good source of antioxidant and energy for the body. The soup is also a rich source of vitamins but low in fats and calories from the fresh vegetables.

Try it with boiled yam, rice or fufu. If you need a quick family meal on a busy weekend, look no further than Treet for our Goat pepper soup

Eat like the king and the queen you are. You deserve the best.

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