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Gerber cereals provide big nutrition in every serving, including an excellent source of iron and a good source of vitamin E, zinc, and 6 B vitamins for healthy growth and development. Nutrients that support a healthy immune system. Two servings of infant cereal provide 90% of the daily value of iron.

  • Has iron to help support learning ability
  • Non-GMO: not made with genetically engineered ingredients
  • Made with whole grains

Nutrients babies need for growth and development:

  • Iron: Helps support baby’s learning abilities. 2 servings a day equals 90% of babies daily value for iron
  • Vitamin C: The vitamin C in baby cereal aids in iron absorption
  • Calcium: The strong-bones-and-teeth builder
  • Vitamin B: Helps convert food into energy
  • Vitamin A: Supports vision, growth & immune systems
  • Vitamin E & Zinc: Helps support baby’s immune system and healthy growth
  • Not made with genetically engineered ingredients
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