Farmasi Makeup Remover/Facial Wipes

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Key Features

  • Effective in cleaning
  • Contains Vitamins E, aloe vera and mineral complex
  • Keeps skin hydrated



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Product Details

The makeup remover wipes have 20 pcs in each pack. The pack is resealable and travel friendly. It's also contained vitamin E, aloe vera and mineral complex. Used makeup remover wipes as night cream. 

Just take one sheet out apply onto your face before you go to sleep to get a refresh and uplifting feel.

The ingredient which are in the makeup remover wipes is suitable for all skin types including oily skin, normal skin or even dry skin. These Cleansing Wipe has been formulated to absorb excess oils and deeply cleanse the skin. 

This wipe will clean off any dirt or impurities on the skin, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and hydrated.

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