Farmasi Before & After Sex Wet Wipes

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Key Features

  • Helps to protect you from the germs, bacteria and other illnesses-causing microbes before and after sex.
  • Provides hygiene and cleansing on the genital area; suitable for men and women.
  • Enriched with tea tree oil that gives you everyday comfort.



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Product Details

Hygiene is Hot

Hygiene is important, especially when it comes to being intimate. While condoms keep you safe, Farmasi Wipes keep you clean. We provide a method that is not only easy, but safe and convenient. 

Farmasi Wipes were designed for all your sexual and sanitary needs, optimizing cleanliness after intercourse. This pack of individually-wrapped wipes makes it easy to take cleanliness on the go!

Nature’s Strongest Ingredients

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your cleanliness. We wanted the best and most beneficial ingredients for your skin, that’s why you will never find irritating, drying or unnatural chemicals in Farmasi Wipes.

Essential Oils

Pamper your parts with natures finest ingredients. Known for their cleansing, soothing and protective qualities. The most sensitive areas of your body deserve supreme and gentle care. You won’t find this essential oil blend in other wipes on the market.

Go Explore

We think life should be lived to the fullest. After intimacy, everyone’s post-intercourse experience is important, that’s why Farmasi Wipes aren’t exclusively his or hers, they’re yours. Love doesn’t set limitations, why should your post-sex clean up routine?

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