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Double Solid Plastic Hanging Sponge and Brushes Holder - Sink Caddy for Kitchen - Adjustable strap – Grey blue - Soft and flexible liner - Drain holes

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Key Features

• Keeps dishcloths, brushes and sponges all in one place at the sink and within easy reach

• Draining holes ensures airflow so that soap or sponges dry quickly

• Holes in the brush-holder enable water to drain and keep surfaces dry

• Great for kitchens with limited storage space

• Easy to clean, dishwasher suitable

• Use the suction cups to attach to the sin



out of stock
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Product Details


Are you wanting to keep your sponge and dish brush out of the sink, but close by? The Solid Plastic Hanging Sponge Holder does the job. With its slim profile and adjustable strap, it blends into the sink right below your faucet.

Dries Sponge

Water from your sponge and dish brush will drop through the holes in the bottom of the holder so your sponge dries clean. This Solid Plastic Hanging Sponge Holder is part of a total sink storage collection

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