Product Details

BF Suma CereBrain tablets is a natural supplement which includes ginkgo leaves extract for cardiovascar health. The main mechanisms of ginkgo leaves extract are; improving brain cell metabolism, promoting blood flow to brain and enhancing nutrients delivered to the brain.

Refresh your blood circulation and power up your brain with BF Suma CereBrain Tablets. Helps to prevent brain dysfunctions, such as headache, memory loss and Alzheimer's Disease.

Ginkgo biloba extract may increase blood flow to the brain by inhibiting blood platelet aggregation and by regulating blood vessel elasticity. It has been shown to improve blood flow through both major blood vessels and capillaries. Ginkgo Biloba is also a powerful antioxidant.

  • Naturally sourced: CereBrain comes from natural plant
  • High concentration: Each 2 Tablets contain 60mg gingko leaves extract
  • High stability: made with advanced coating technology