Product Details

Make hot weather bearable with any of our range of energy efficient cooling system options‎,‎ air conditioners‎,‎ Split units and more which are a reliable solution for your home‎'‎s air cleaning and cooling needs‎.‎

Bruhm wide range of air conditioners offers portable air conditioners which are the ideal climate‎‐control solution to cool any room‎.‎‎ With this Bruhm BSA-N18CR 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner, keep your family safe from mosquitoes bites with ultrasonic wave technology that comes built into this AC.

Ultrasonic wave technology is very safe for humans, very convenient and has been proven to be the easiest way to keep mosquitoes away.

  • Fast Cooling Compressor
  • Low Noise & Windy Air-flow
  • Energy-saving Technology
  • Auto-restart Function
  • Health & Environment
  • High Range Voltage
  • Galvanized Outdoor
  • Extreme Cool
  • Multi-folds Evaporator
  • Premium Design