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Beast Quest - Skor (The Winged Stallion): Battle Fearsome Beasts and Fight Evil with Tom and Elenna In the Bestselling Adventure Series for Boys and Girls Aged 7 And Up

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  • The Dark Wizard has sent six fearsome Beasts to capture the good Beasts of Avantia. They are imprisoned in the Dark Realm, and it is Toms quest to save them. He and his companions must undertake a perilous journey and defeat Skor the Winged Stallion.
  • The good Beasts of Avantia are in danger. They have been captured by six terrible new Beasts and taken to Gorgonia, the kingdom of evil wizard Malvel.
  • To free the Beasts, Tom journeys into the sinister Dark Realm, where he must face some of the deadliest beasts he's ever fought.



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Skor the winged Stallion is the second beast Tom fought in the dark realm. Based on the mythical Pegasus, Skor lived in the Gorgonian rainforest where he was under the command of Seth who was sent by Malvel to stop Tom. Skor is an enormous stallion with feathered, glossy wings sprouting out of his back, enabling him to fly.

This means Skor is deadly on land and in the air, making him a formidable enemy. He has glistening eyes full of malice. Each of the beast’s legs end with golden hooves, one of which is embedded the green jewel, Tom's next token in Gorgonia.

The beast has fearsome yellow teeth, drooling with saliva. Inside the book the beast is described as being coal-black in colour with a purple underside on his wings tipped with gold and a white mane. However, on the front cover of the book the beast is brown with a slightly green mane. The beast has tough skin can't be cut with with a sword.

The beast's weakness is its head. Tom managed to calm down the beast the beast by blowing for pampass grass, a technique horse whisperer used. This helped him defeat the beast. Similarly, to Torgor when the beast was defeated it was encased in a crystal, except that this time it was green rather than red. After the beast's defeat Tom earned the green jewel which has the ability to mend broken bones.

Skor also made a minor appearance in The Dagger of Doom, where he acted both as a steed to Malvel and as a guard of the Western City.

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