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3 Siblings (#1): World Reader Presents This E-Book in A New Series Showcasing Fiction from Sub - Saharan Africa - Are You A World Reader? - Enjoy the Adventure!

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Key Features

  • Having had the opportunity to go to school in Ghana, United States of American and Britain, Samelia has had the opportunity to experience other cultures apart from her own.
  • On her numerous travels, she came to the realization that kids all over the world are the same; they have the same dreams and aspirations and picking up.



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Joshua lives in a world that Xbox and PlayStation have created: He wants a newly released game and would do almost anything to get it. Is the game worth all the hassle, sleepless night and guilt?

Matthew has a chance encounter with Tyke and this meeting is about to change his life and teach him a few lessons. Naomi was looking forward to coming home from boarding school.

She's now at home and very bored. When her ex best throws a sweet sixteen party inviting her, it gives Naomi an idea. Samelia has always been an avid reader. She has been reading when she was three years old, hence her complete understanding of what young people enjoy reading.

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