Product Details

Braided Nylon cable that provides extra durability and flexibility. Handy, ultra-portable and compact design without being tangled.

High speed 3 in 1 charging cable meet all you needs Specification: 

Material: TPE + Zinc Alloy 

Length: 1.1ft / 0.35m 

Interface type: Mcro USB/ USB3.1 Type-C 

Compatible with : 

All Micro USB 2.0 Devices 

All Devices

Some Notes:

- Check on the cord every few hours, as it will get hot. If you need it for long periods at a time, use in a cool, dry place

- don't attempt to charge an Pad/tablet at the same time as other devices; that will divert energy flow and the output will be too low to charge a tablet

- make sure it doesn't tangle in on itself too much

-This is only a charging cord, and will not transfer data

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