How To Get USSD Codes In Ghana

August 1, 2019

USSD service is now readily available everywhere. Developers and companies alike have come to like this service due to its ease of use and fast deployment times. The question then is: how do you get the best USSD provider in Ghana, and how do you get the service?

Hubtel USSD Service

Hubtel provides an easy way for developers to build and deploy their apps on USSD.

There are different types of USSD codes with various capabilities to meet your needs. Hubtel is the best USSD service provider in Ghana.

There are three types of USSD Codes available to you on Hubtel:

Dedicated Codes

A dedicated USSD code is typically owned by one account. It has only one segment. Eg *714#. You can add as many subcodes (extensions) as possible. It is more expensive than the other types of USSD codes. To purchase a dedicated code, kindly contact any of our friendly sales personnel for more information at [email protected].

Semi-Dedicated Codes

A semi-dedicated code is dedicated to one account but shared among other accounts. The owner of the semi-dedicated service code can create as many extensions as possible. You can contact any of our friendly sales personnel for more information on acquiring a semi-dedicated code at [email protected].

Shared Codes

A shared code is a code that is shared among different users. This option is less expensive and the most preferred one. You can add as many subcode (extensions) as possible. Eg *713*20*xxx#. You can search and buy a shared USSD service code from your Hubtel account. You can request for a shared code directly from your Hubtel Unity account.

Follow this link to apply for a USSD code today.


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