How The New Secure Hubtel Checkout Process Works

August 8, 2018

Making Online Shopping Fun ?

Online payments should be a breeze and most importantly, secure. The new Hubtel Checkout uses 2 Factor Authentication to ensure that customers pay securely to businesses online. Whether you use your bank/ATM card, mobile money account or your account as a payment option, this new process makes it even more secure.

Let’s have  look how it works in real time. We’ll use the Hubtel Webstore in this example. By the way, you can purchase any Hubtel merchandise from our Webstore. Want to get a “taste” of Hubtel? Here’s your chance! ?

Let’s jump in!

The Hubtel Webstore



Want to hook into this awesomeness?! Get a free Hubtel POS account at All you need is a registered business and you’re good to go. Got questions? Send us an email at [email protected]