February 2020 Product Update 

Report An Issue, Hubtel Wallet Alerts & More

See what’s new in this update:

Report an Issue

Need help with a payment? Simply tap to report your issue and get timely responses via inbox on Hubtel.

Hubtel Wallet Alerts

Receive notifications on all withdrawals and deposit activities on your Hubtel wallet.

Refund Request

Request full or partial refunds on successful transactions for your customers directly from your Hubtel Business account.

SMS Credit and Bundle Top-up

Send your messages with sufficient funds always. Top up your SMS credits or buy bundles before sending your messages.

Activating Messaging

Details of your Bulk SMS accounts tied to the same phone number on Unity will be merged for easy activation on Hubtel. This includes all existing sender Ids, contacts, templates, and reports.

Personalized Messaging

Interact better with your customers. Add a personal touch to your customers’ messages by addressing them directly.

February 2020 Product Update

March 5, 2020

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