Customer Engagement 101: Using WhatsApp For Your Business

September 19, 2018

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Africa, according to Quartz Africa. It has a stunning Daily Active Users of 450 million. The instant messaging app serves as the perfect platform for businesses looking to stay engaged with their customers. In this Customer Engagement series, we’ll look at ways you can leverage this opportunity to give your business more visibility and reach, which in turn can result in more sales.

In This Series:

We will be covering these sections in this series of Customer Engagement:

  • Getting your customers’ WhatsApp numbers
  • Setting up a WhatsApp Business account
  • Creating a broadcast list for your customers


User holding whatsapp cube with phone

WhatsApp Business

For any business that wants to stay engaged with your customers, one of the things you should have is a WhatsApp Business account. WhatApp Business is the business side to the already existing WhatsApp app. It’s filled with features that are tailored for a business.

Getting your customers’ WhatsApp numbers

Hubtel POS allows you to save the contacts of all customers that engage with your business anytime they purchase from your store (either online or in-store). Once you have your customer’s numbers, you can easily save them to your business phone line (on WhatsApp). From here, you’ll be able to send messages to your contacts anytime you want. The good part is that, this allows you to send photos of your products/services to your customers. Got a promo coming up? This will be a good time to send photos of your products via WhatsApp to your customers. Keep them engaged with updates from your business.

Setting up a WhatsApp Business account

This is the same process as setting up a personal WhatsApp account. As mentioned earlier, the only difference here is that you’ll have access to business features with the WhatsApp Business app. Simply head over to the Google Play Store to download and install. As at the time of this writing, WhatsApp Business is only available for Android devices.


WhatsApp Business on Google Play
WhatsApp Business on Google Play

Creating a broadcast list for your customers

A broadcast list a great feature on WhatsApp. It’s not limited to Business accounts only, however. The feature allows you to create a list of some of your contacts (256 numbers maximum) that you can send messages to. How it works it that, you are are able to mass message to 256 people at a time. Each person will receive the message separately hence privacy is preserved here. Unlike a WhatsApp group where all members of a group can see the message in the group, a broadcast list sends the message separately to each person in your list.

This feature can be great for when you have an announcement to make to your customers. The catch here however is that, the person should also save your number else the message won’t be delivered to them. In order to get by this restriction, simply ask your customers to add your business to their phone contact. That way, they will be able to receive your broadcast messages any time you send them out.

In Conclusion

WhatsApp has over 450 million users globally (Statista). That shows how much engagement you can leverage on. WhatsApp is really a great tool to employ in your business. Once you have the contacts, you have a headway in the game. Get started today.