We believe Africa will be a better place when businesses make customers happy

What we believe

We have learned some very important lessons over the years. A few remain relevant,
and we keep referring and holding ourselves to them from day to day.

Open self-service software is always better software

Our culture of openness, collaboration, and continuous innovation is reflected in the software applications that we develop.

In designing and developing our apps platform and products, we seek to combine the commercial benefits of a well-developed product – usability, reliability, and clear value – with the benefits of an open system – open sign-up, no obligation demo/trial, open programming interface, scalable, and secured.

Simply put, we believe that open software is better software, and users do not need to have a special relationship with us or go over unclear set-up obstacles to use our software.

Over the years, we have seen time and time again how self-service openness has helped achieve extraordinary outcomes for thousands of customers physically unknown to us.

If we fail to demonstrate value, we will haggle users over price

We have learned through experience that consumers only pay for a solution to a need, and some good feeling afterwards.

We draw more joy from knowing the value we bring to our customers through our applications and services.

Where this value is not clear, we know we will have a tough time growing the service and collecting payment for it. Value to us is a system doing what we say it will do, and doing such so well at all times at a fair price to the user.

A company does not have to be big; it only needs to be run well

The founders of Hubtel set out to build a useful and relevant company that will outlive them.

To do this, they discussed, adopted and documented policies that will help bring clearer organization to the business and maintain a positive environment at all times.

Till this day, and into the future, Hubtel continues to strife to be a better company by fueling a positive environment with openness, common sense, integrity and respect for all.

Democracy on mobile and web apps is very real

We know that whatever we do, however we do it, for whomever we think we’re doing it for – in the end the user is the ultimate Boss. If we spend time and years building that ‘great’ app and users end up not liking it as much, there is nothing we can do about it.

Mobile and web app development can be a cruel marketplace because there are thousands and millions of users to please. A notch or botch in our research and/or development could be the difference between a real great app or a forgotten one.


Chaos is positive; order is negative. Getting things done burns energy and time

The universe by default is chaotic — positive because it requires virtually no energy to remain in that state.

We believe the world wakes up to this ‘chaos’ everyday, and we must contribute towards bringing order and organization to the chaos.

There’s no other way. The magic wand only exists in movies. Only hard work and time can bring real solutions to everyday problems. Doing this requires effort – giving out (negative) our work and time to make the world a better place.

We must earn our seat at the table

Our founders built Hubtel from the streets – working from a dining table, a communication center and an internet cafe. Before partaking in big meetings in large board rooms they went from street gutter to corner selling our first apps to small businesses and individuals.